Establishing a legal entity

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You will need to have an entity established in advance of registering your business with the county.

This website is intended to help you get to the right place/office to start, then be ready to register and/or obtain a county Business License. We cannot provide you with legal advice on how to set up your business or what kind of entity you should create, however, we are happy to guide you to those sources of information. Several of which are in the Related Links below.

If you have already decided what kind of entity is best for you, then you can create your entity online with the following Commonwealth of Virginia online registration systems. The SCC eFile is for more advanced users, and the Business One Stop has detailed explanations of each step:

SCC eFile*

SCC eFile
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Business One Stop*

Business One Stop
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* This is not the same as your County of Spotsylvania's "business license" or registration/zoning permit within the county, which permits you to operate your entity. That comes later in this process.

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