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Are you in Spotsylvania County?

Welcome to Spotsylvania County signYou are in Spotsylvania County if your property address is in the following ZIP codes:

22407, 22408, 22534, 22551, 22553

These ZIP codes also have Spotsylvania addresses, but are *shared with surrounding counties* as well:

22508*, 22546*, 22580*, 22960*, 23015*, 23024*, 23117*

Your mailing address may read: Fredericksburg, Locust Grove*, Ruther Glen*, Woodford*, Orange*, Beaverdam*, Bumpass*, Mineral*, Partlow, Spotsylvania, or Thornburg; but it is the geographic address and county boundaries that determine your municipal governing body.

If you are not positive or need an in-depth visual, use the Official Spotsylvania GIS site to locate your address and determine if your business is in Spotsylvania County.

When you have confirmed that the address is in Spotsylvania County, VA, please return here and continue.


Are you in the City of Fredericksburg?

This question comes up more than you might think. The easiest way to check, is if your zip code is 22401 or 22404 (P.O. Boxes)—you are in the City of Fredericksburg—which is NOT part of Spotsylvania County. Visit for information on starting a City business.

*Zip codes with an asterisk(*) are located within Spotsylvania County but also serve other Counties; please contact the Real Estate department at 540-507-7053 to verify your location if you are unable to determine it from the GIS system or ZIP code. Thank you.

Is your new location now (or will it be) within the borders of Spotsylvania County, Virginia?
This website is solely dedicated to helping you navigate the regulations and ordinances of Spotsylvania County. Every jurisdiction has its own set of rules, forms, and requirements. Spotsylvania County has many areas that use a "Fredericksburg, VA" mailing address among other names, but they are indeed in Spotsylvania and NOT The City of Fredericksburg.

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